BioCee develops advanced biocatalytic reactor solutions for the production of clean fuels and chemicals based on its proprietary biocoating technology platform. Our Minnesota based team, leads bioprocess innovation at the intersection of biocatalysis, materials science, and process engineering. Our solutions are well suited to tackle the most challenging bioprocessing applications, including complex, multiphase systems and difficult separations.

Lead application, currently moving from bench to pilot scale, is the biological removal of sulfur from diesel and other petroleum products to reduce their air pollution impact. The second application activity is the design of an advanced photo bioreactor platform, which is suitable for a range of organisms producing fuels and chemicals directly from sunlight and CO2. This effort is supported through a grant from DOE’s ARPA-E program.

Through licensing agreements or joint development efforts, we are working closely with leading developers of biocatalyst to create integrated, efficient, and cost-effective bioprocess solutions, especially for systems that defy conventional reactor engineering. We give good homes to good organisms and we look forward to working with you on the best reactor solution for your organism.